ThinkForward young people recently got back stage passes to the Resistible Rise Of Arturo Ui at the Donmar Theatre.

The supper club at the Donmar rehearsal space before provided a relaxed environment in which all the participants could mix and discuss thoughts and feelings about current affairs, politics, theatre. Giving insight and context to the show they were about to see. The follow up workshop further enabled the young people to delve deeper in to the issues portrayed.

One of the girls attending said although she isn’t interested in the arts as a profession this play “opened up her life beyond what she could have ever imaginedand she is now campaigning to get all the students at her school to register to vote in the election.

Other attendees said: “The play was without a doubt one of the best pieces of theatre I have seen – it was so engaging, exciting, thought provoking and unique in it’s audience participation.

I like how it was adapted to include hints/nods and outright references to the current state of politics.”



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