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of ThinkForward’s 2020 graduates are in Education, Employment or Training

117 young people graduated from our FutureMe programme in 2020. To help mitigate against the impact of Covid-19, these young people stayed on the programme for two extra months. Between December 2020 and February 2021, 81% were in education, employment or training EET (known outcomes).

Out of the 38% of graduates who are in education, 82% have progressed onto level 3 or 4 courses, 53% of our graduates were in work and 11% were in both work and education.

In comparison, the 2018/19 cohort had a known EET rate of 83% three months after completing the programme. A report by the Institute of Employment Studies noted a 5% drop in the employment rate for 18-24 year olds. This suggests our programme graduates have collectively demonstrated incredible resilience in a challenging labour market, outperformed their peers and kept pace with the previous year’s graduates.

Read more about our impact and our work in our latest annual review Resilience in Action.

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