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For Parents and Carers

“Three of my kids have had support from ThinkForward and all three are doing something positive with their lives after leaving school.
My eldest got the help she needed with finding a job, including getting some references and knowing where to look, and the younger two got help finding the right college courses.
Their coach gave them the right advice and information to get out and do well for themselves, and it was good to know that they had somebody else looking out for their future if and when they needed it.”

— Tammy, mum of Kaci Y12, Jack Y13 and Chantelle (graduate)

ThinkForward's programme promise

ThinkForward programmes support your child to transition into sustained education or employment when they leave school.

Regular coaching sessions in school and in the community to overcome barriers and focus on education. Young people set individual goals through action planning and reviews. 

Group coaching

Termly sessions facilitated by the coach using an employability curriculum to support young people in practising and developing their work skills and mindsets through learning and reflection.

World of work

Businesses partner with ThinkForward to deliver a variety of workplace opportunities for young people on the programme including skills workshops, workplace tours, work experience, and long-term mentoring programmes.


During their time on the programme young people will:

  • develop key life and work skills including resilience, drive and communication,
  • gain vital exposures to the world of work,
  • identify a pathway to employment, education, or training and take steps to secure it.

82% of our 2021 graduates are in education, employment or training.

What success looks like:

Keyaan -

If it wasn’t for my coach I would still be messing around in school, but I have changed for the better. I concentrate more and I’m doing well in tests. I’m more driven and my aspiration is to be a commercial lawyer.”

Shayma -

Thanks to ThinkForward I’ve had opportunities to build skills through volunteering and mentoring. I’ve met new people and overcome my fear. I feel more confident now.”

Get in touch:

If you have any questions about ThinkForward or just want to chat, we’d love to hear from you:


+44 (0)300 102 4475


If you have a concern about something that has happened to your child while they were on the programme, please email or click here.