It might be exam season but never fear – here are some top revision tips from ThinkForward’s own Education Adviser, Amy Butterworth:

1 – Time Management: HONESTY + CONTROL = POWER.

If you’re HONEST about what you need to do (eg. 1 hour of revision), you can CONTROL when you do it (eg. Ok, I can do it the hour before dinner), and THEN YOU HAVE THE POWER.






2 – But always keep your Golden Circle in focus:

Fill in WHAT goal you want to achieve (eg. Your future job, essay practice, qualification you want to get), then HOW will you achieve it (eg. get a C in Maths, sit down and focus, ask teacher for advice), and most importantly WHY YOU WANT THIS (eg. So I can make a difference, I can buy mum that house, I never have to do Maths again). Then, whenever you’re lacking in motivation, you can look at your Golden Circle, to that red bit in the middle, that is the beating heart of your motivation, and the reason why you’re doing this.












Think about where you feel POWERFUL in your subjects, and where you need to make IMPROVEMENTS. Spend most of your time (eg. 50 minutes) on your improvements, and then finish with a quick 10 minutes on where you’re REALLY GOOD ALREADY. Keeps up your ego.











4  – Set yourself a REALISTIC TIMELINE (and be sure to use pretty colours!)










5 – The 15 min rule:

You can do anything in 15 minutes. If you’re flagging, or you can’t be bothered, or you don’t have time, set your timer to 15 minutes and keep going until the end. One of two things will happen: you’ll be able to have a break after doing some good focussed work, or you’ll get in the groove and keep going longer. Either way, you’ve done 15 more minutes than you’d thought, which is amazing. And those people who do those extra 15 minutes, end up clocking up HOURS OF GREATNESS (Think about it: just 15 minutes of Maths every day is 1hour 45 minutes a week!)

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