January is a very busy month for a college student. A month of constant stress and pressure. Mock exams came around quicker than I thought and I found myself wrapped up in untouched revision booklets and past exam papers. But I knew by the end it would all pay off and be worth it. With that in mind, I kept on going through the night until I felt fully confident. With half a night’s sleep and a stomach full of vital vitamins, I completed my exam with a smile at the end.

My UCAS application was another one of my concerns for this month. The deadline was creeping closer, I had no time to waste. I went to see my Progression Manager, who provided with useful advice and helped me complete a timetable which allowed me to organise all my tasks effectively for the week ahead. I felt much better after seeing her as I was able to let all my concerns out and have a clear plan for the week ahead of me.

One thing I’ve definitely learnt in this hectic month is to never give up, even if you’ve left things to the last minute! Stress is never easy to handle alone and speaking to someone always helps.

By Tamanna Khanom, ThinkForward Ambassador

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