On the first day I just had to make sure the shelves were tidy and bring any products forward, this was so I could get to know the shop floor and where different products go. I also was approached by many customers asking for help, which did make me nervous because I was still learning. But I did get better as the day went on.

The next three days, I learnt the shop floor off by heart due to me having to shelf all the new stock that had arrived. I was up and down shelving and tidying things and I was feeling more confident when customers approached me asking for help or advice.

On the last two days the manager got me doing duties that a work experience student is never asked to do. I was making sales tickets, working in the stock room and organising product labels and making them. As well being told on the last day to work on the tills! I was told by all the staff that I was the first person ever on work experience to work on the tills and the fact the manager was that impressed with me and trusted me that much to give me these jobs, made more confident and adamant in doing well! Working on the tills was my favourite part because I felt part of the Boots team and I was interacting more with the customers and staff.

At the very end, I was having a discussion with the manager and he was giving me amazing feedback and even thanked and congratulated me with a £15 gift voucher to spend! Now I’m hopefully looking to get a job out of it, thanks to the manager!

By Amirah El-Bashary, ThinkForward Ambassador

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