ThinkForward joins up with Economy to help young people better understand Economics

This month ThinkForward young people at Raine’s Foundation School teamed up with the brilliant team at Economy to make some short videos exploring what they thought about Economics.

This piece is written as a guest post by one of the ThinkForward young people at Raine’s Foundation School.

“Someone from Economy came into our school to talk to us about what we think the economy is, find out what people around us think the economy is, and see whether we think we’re part of it or not.

At the beginning, we asked some of our friends… but they all seemed pretty clueless.

But to be honest, so were we. This is us:



… But by the end, we sounded more like this. Really, no one can have a full understanding of what the economy is: everyone’s got their own opinion.


Here’s the full team:

Jessie-Leigh Polden – 15, producer

Ruben Estephane – 14, director

Emily Young – 15, producer

Luke Higgins – 15, editor

Caitlin Lawrence – 15, casting & recruitment

Joseph Hilson – 15, camera


ThinkForward moves offices in London

This summer, we will be moving to our own dedicated ThinkForward HQ at 337 City Road, London, EC1v 1LJ. Our new offices will not only be an activity and one-to-one space for young people but will also bring London based delivery and central teams together.

A big thanks to Impetus-PEF for our lovely leaving party – but hopefully we’ll be seeing you all soon in our brand new offices.

ThinkForward shortlisted for Lord Mayor’s Dragon Award

We’re delighted to announce that ThinkForward has been shortlisted for this year’s Lord Mayor Dragon Awards. Out of thousands of applications, we’ve been selected for the Community Partners Award for our work with ICG and Tower Hamlets PRU. This announcement was also featured on London Live TV with our very own Jess Gregson speaking on behalf of ThinkForward about the fantastic impact business mentors and volunteers can have on the lives of young people transitioning from school to work.

Our Managing Director, Kevin Munday, the Head of HR at ICG, Jo Zendel and a ThinkForward young person will be attending their black tie event in September.