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FutureMe Programme

Our FutureMe programme works with young people who face challenges on their path to success to get them ready for the world of work. We established in London in 2011, expanded to Nottingham in 2016 and set up in Kent in 2017.

We develop the skills that young people need, help them overcome the challenges they face, and facilitate employability activities to broaden their horizons and provide experience of the workplace.

Our work focuses on raising the confidence and aspirations of young people so that they can put their education into context and begin to develop their own ambitions.

FutureMe is unique because it’s the only programme of its kind that works with young people for five years while they are in education, starting in Year 9 when they are 13, until Year 13 when they are 18.

The key to our success is our long term approach, where highly skilled coaches build consistent, trusted relationships with young people through one-to-one coaching and group work sessions. Students’ progress is tracked along seven Work Readiness Capabilities which were identified by employers as being the most desirable qualities in staff. They are: self-assured, self-aware, driven, receptive, resilient, organised and good communicator. Brought together, these transferable skills help to equip young people for their future careers.

Crucially, FutureMe also offers young people a range of opportunities to connect with, and get experience of, the world of work. These essential activities include business mentoring, insight days, CV writing and interview skills workshops, and work experience placements.

By partnering with a range of businesses from local employers through to large, national companies we provide young people with relevant exposures to the workplace, in many cases bridging a gap that school, family and community networks are not able to.

Business mentoring

Our business mentoring programme partners each of our FutureMe schools with a local employer, and staff volunteers mentor Year 10 students over 6 sessions. They share their experiences, build meaningful relationships, give advice and encouragement and break down barriers to the world of work.

If you’d like to get involved in our business mentoring programme, please click here.


82% of FutureMe’s 2021 graduates were in education, employment or training one year after graduating from the programme.

Our approach is effective and shows that we can, in many cases, overcome the fundamental obstacles our students face, enabling them to gain the life and work skills, experiences, aspiration and confidence they need to succeed.

Since working with my coach, my life has changed dramatically. I’m much more confident, and don’t give up as easily as I used to. I’ve learnt that I can be somebody, and that anyone can be something in a crowd of nothing.

Zach, London