When I joined MoveForward I wanted to develop my communication, try new things and go to new places. I’m working at the Royal Shakespeare Company and I do office work. I’ve learnt how to email people, make phone calls and use the printer.  

I was invited to take part in MoveForward because they help young people like me to get more confident in the skills they need to move into work. Working with my coach was pretty much the best thing ever. I could do tonnes of new things because she was taking me to different places and teaching me to do things that I never thought I could do. But here I am, doing these things right now and they’re fun.

I talked to my coach about how I could become more confident in starting conversations other than about my special interests, like films. We also did group sessions in school and practised interview skills.

When I applied to do a supported internship at the Royal Shakespeare Company, MoveForward helped me to prepare for this. They took me to all sorts of different places I never knew about, and they taught me how to do things I never dreamed of doing, like talking in the office and being able to ask for help.

I feel grown-up and working with my coach and MoveForward has helped me to believe in myself. My goal is to carry on working after my internship finishes.

MoveForward is important to me because they help you with your life. I like the programme because it’s changing my life in the best way possible. I’m trying new things and I feel extremely independent.