ThinkForward Ambassador, Kiianu Glasgow submitted evidence to a round table of MPs from the DWP select committee on employment opportunities for young people. Kiianu answered all the MPs questions clearly and concisely, giving a fuller picture of what it is like to be a young person looking for work.

Also in attendance in the public gallery was ThinkForward apprentice Amy Coulson. Amy wrote up her visit to the House of Commons below:

Hearing Kiianu speak made me feel so happy to be part of an amazing charity who want to help young people like us. Having her represent our work was a fantastic idea, she was great!

It was my first experience going to parliament and hearing someone speak about ThinkForward. As we entered the building it was like being at the airport with people’s bags being checked and searched. I felt so nervous but I couldn’t explain why. It  was just a situation you do not expect. The building inside is so unique with the designs and especially all the paintings.

All the MPs who asked questions seemed very intrigued by what ThinkForward does and I hope next time they make a decision that affects young people, they think about what Kiianu said, “young people don’t just want a job, they want a career.”

Overall the experience was incredible and I would love to attend another in the future.

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