ThinkForward was delighted to receive the 2019 National Business Mentoring Award in the category National Mentoring Award – England.

The awards publicly recognise excellence in the field of mentoring that creates “real inspirational mentoring role models across every sector of business, education, sport and society”.

ThinkForward’s Business Mentoring Programme was chosen “to recognise an individual or organisation that has made a positive contribution by mentoring those living in England”.

ThinkForward runs mentoring as part of its five-year coaching programme to support disadvantaged young people who are at high risk of unemployment to get ready for the world of work. We deliver this in London, Nottingham and Kent in partnership with 18 local businesses and schools.

We began a business mentoring programme in 2013 in recognition of the huge benefit to young people of meeting regularly with, and learning from a working, professional person. Mentors build meaningful relationships, share their experiences, impart advice and encouragement, and help to break down barriers and perceptions about the world of work.


Year 10 students (aged 14) take part in face-to-face mentoring with volunteer staff from companies including JP Morgan, Credit Suisse, Cook and Experian. ThinkForward provides training and each session follows a clear curriculum focusing on a particular theme each time e.g. how to present yourself in a professional environment and for job interviews. 180 young people take part every year.

ThinkForward is always looking for new businesses to partner with to provide young people with valuable exposures to working life and different industries. If you’re interested in getting your business involved, please contact

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