GCSE Results Day 2018

August 23rd marks GCSE results day for hundreds of thousands of students across the UK, including young people on the ThinkForward programme in London, Kent and Nottingham.

There is so much emphasis on this day being an indicator of progression, achievement and personal development for those who are moving onto further education, employment or training.

With the support of their coaches, young people on ThinkForward have been able to overcome personal barriers to stay focused at school and achieve results that may have felt unachieveable two years ago.

Below is a snapshot of the accomplishments of the day:

Ben from George Green’s School, London:

“I have received a lot of support from ThinkForward, helping me to build my skills and prepare for work and further education. I wanted to do an apprenticeship at first but I am now looking to study in college. My coach has helped me to have more drive and equipped me to successfully finish secondary school by supporting me to move on to further my studies. Without being put on ThinkForward I wouldn’t have had the opportunities or guidance and direction to work towards my career path.”

Rosa from City of Islington Academy Highbury Grove, London, who is going on to study health and social care at college:

“I’ve come a long way with ThinkForward’s help. Every time I was unsure about something over the last three years I’d speak to my coach who would help. I’ve boosted my confidence and work skills with ThinkForward, and my coach helped me get through my GCSEs which I found tough. Knowing that ThinkForward are here for the next couple of years gives me peace of mind as they will be there until I go to university.”

Coach Nina on her young person Matt, from Marsh Academy, Kent:

“Matt has done so well and achieved much better than he thought he would, meaning he can now study the Level 2 plumbing course he really wanted to do.”

Cuba from Swanlea school, London, who is going on to study health and social care at college:

“I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you. Thank you so much for being there.”

Jake from Green Spring Academy, London, who is going on to study animal care level 3:

I feel amazing. Thanks to ThinkForward I found a career for me, which I am passionate about.”

Jake’s parent also commented: “ThinkForward has supported Jake since year nine. I did not believe he would complete his GCSEs and pass all his subjects because he had no interest in learning, but due to ThinkForward’s interventions Jake has grown in confidence and become driven to succeed.”

A young person from Goodwin Academy, Deal:

My coach has really helped me to understand myself and overcome my problems. I may not have got the results I wanted but know I have a coach to help me in the next year”

We look forward to following the progress of young people who have just received their GCSE results. They will continue on the ThinkForward programme for a further two years, during which time they will work towards gaining employment or continuing further or higher education.