At the start of ThinkForward I didn’t have any aspirations whatsoever. I was a mess, I had no resilience. I was a bit of a lost soul to be honest. I had just gone into care, and I had a bit of a challenging time at school. I didn’t really get along with many people. ThinkForward gave me a sense of protection when I felt like I was at my most vulnerable age.

I would talk to my coach about everything. It felt really good to let go of all of those feelings because you can’t really talk to a lot of people on the level that you can talk to your coach, I know I can’t.

If I hadn’t had my coach in my life, I don’t think I would have got any GCSEs. Towards year 11 I really didn’t want to be in school. He made me realise that this is only a short time period and I should do what I need to do and to the best of my abilities. I came out with an A* in English. I remember when he told me I started crying – he told me all of my GCSE results. I didn’t think I could do that well and I honestly think it was ThinkForward that helped me get where I did.

I’ve grown as a person through ThinkForward because I’m much more resilient. I’ve learnt to solve problems step by step. My coach taught me that not every issue’s an issue, sometimes it’s just a bump in the road. You don’t always have to let that bump stop you, you’ve got to go through and drive along to your goal.

I want to be a midwife and right now I’m stepping up the ladder to become that. I’m going into a traineeship to become a clinical nurse which is so exciting. Now I feel like my future is very bright. I feel like I’m going to achieve a lot.