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We’re excited to announce that we have been nominated for the Aviva Community Fund for our work in Nottingham North however, we only get the funds if we get the votes.

Help us to support 160 of the hardest to reach young people in Nottingham by voting at and encourage as many of your colleagues, family, and friends to vote too.

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  • Vote for @ThinkForwardUK to get £25k from Aviva & support 160 young people in Nottingham enter the world of work

ThinkForward joins up with Economy to help young people better understand Economics

This month ThinkForward young people at Raine’s Foundation School teamed up with the brilliant team at Economy to make some short videos exploring what they thought about Economics.

This piece is written as a guest post by one of the ThinkForward young people at Raine’s Foundation School.

“Someone from Economy came into our school to talk to us about what we think the economy is, find out what people around us think the economy is, and see whether we think we’re part of it or not.

At the beginning, we asked some of our friends… but they all seemed pretty clueless.

But to be honest, so were we. This is us:



… But by the end, we sounded more like this. Really, no one can have a full understanding of what the economy is: everyone’s got their own opinion.


Here’s the full team:

Jessie-Leigh Polden – 15, producer

Ruben Estephane – 14, director

Emily Young – 15, producer

Luke Higgins – 15, editor

Caitlin Lawrence – 15, casting & recruitment

Joseph Hilson – 15, camera


ThinkForward Launches in Nottingham North

After five years developing the programme in north-east London, we are pleased to announce that we are launching ThinkForward in Nottingham.  With support from the Careers and Enterprise Company and in partnership with local charity Rebalancing the Outer Estates Foundation, we will be supporting 200 of the most disengaged young people across four schools to make a successful transition from school to work.

ThinkForward’s Coaches will provide long-term personalised support, helping young people to overcome challenges in and out of school and to build employability skills and confidence.  We will be engaging local employers, such as Nottingham City Homes and Boots, to provide work readiness activities such as skills workshops, business mentoring and work experience placements, as well as access to apprenticeships and other jobs.

We rely on the generosity of our supporters to make the programme a success.  If you have any business links in Nottingham please do get in touch.